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Group Exhibition opening January 22, 2022. Details coming soon!

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Welcome featured on Glasstire’s Top 5 Texas Art Events for the week of Nov. 4

on view September 25 – November 6 2021

Welcome, b-space art house’s inaugural exhibit, will highlight the works of thirteen compelling contemporary artists including Lane Banks, Veronica Ceci & Hunter LV Elliott, Andrew Decaen, Abigail Edwards, Brent Fogt, Maria Haag, Megan Hildebrandt, Theresa Newsome, Ken O’Toole, Nathan Porterfield, Madelline Vicencio, and Michael Villareal.

Watch video of the artist talks here

This show displays a range of approaches tied together through a loosely modern and fresh aesthetic. A common thread is an experimental yet particular and refined attitude towards the various mediums exhibited. A prevalent theme is the transformation of everyday materials, objects and forms, while some works translate ideas with abstract composition and surface as the driving element.

Several of the works offer a take on the dynamics of a home environment. These works are particularly relevant in the gallery as a space located in a residential mixed-use neighborhood. They are timely, as events of the past year have left many with a different understanding of what homes mean in relationship to safety, work, and identity.

Andrew DeCaen’s print from his series The Little Kitchen Situation documents a couple interacting in a 2/3 scale model kitchen, exploring the intimacy and awkwardness of familiar experiences.

Andrew DeCaen “Little Kitchen Situation 7”

Theresa Newsome’s photographs “Brittany’s Kitchen” and “Tatiana Jefferson” show crisp images of familiar spaces that are steeped in complexity through the lens of the artist’s own thoughts regarding racial identity and place in society.

Theresa Newsome “Tatiana Jefferson”
Theresa Newsome “Brittany’s Kitchen”

Megan Hildebrandt’s “During The Freeze” depicting a family in bed is an example of her current work capturing growth and evolution through the immediacy of ink on paper drawings.

Megan Hildebrandt “During the Freeze”

Michael Villareal‘s sculptural works turn materials such as spray paint, joint compound, and insulation foam into visually familiar components that refer to a household environment. The re-contextualized forms evoke memory, time, place, and self, fostering new narratives.

Michael Villareal “Conflict I”
Michael Villareal “Tangled”

The Upsweep series, a collaboration by Veronica Ceci and Hunter LV Elliott features handcrafted brooms treated with a red and gold color scheme borrowed from traditional gilding techniques.

Veronica Ceci and Hunter L.V. Elliot “Upsweep V”
Veronica Ceci and Hunter L.V. Elliot “Upsweep VII”

Nathan Porterfield’s works are composed of numerous screws that mimic domestic interior patterns, setting up a contrast between the aggressive and comfortable.

Nathan Porterfield “A Bit of Hubris”
Nathan Porterfield “Overton’s Window”

Abigail Edward’s “House Plant” is a hand beaded philodendron leaf that has a temporal element – the fresh leaf ages and decays over the course of the exhibition.

Abigail Edwards, “House Plant”

Brent Fogt’s sculpture “The First One Taken” is composed of found furniture, cardboard, vintage catalogs and magazines-objects with a specific history-held together with wood glue, acrylic paint and varnish.

Brent Fogt “The First One Taken”

Lane Banks’ geometric painting “Untitled2021.10” is characteristic of his abstract, mathematical, conceptual works in acrylic on canvas that illustrate the variety and ambiguity possible within a structure.

Lane Banks “Untitled2021.10”

Ken O’Toole’s Inkling “GardenER” is a folded form contained inside an acrylic box, capturing light and shadow in the limited space.

Ken O’Toole “GardenER”

Madelline Vicencio’s mixed media works on cloth and cardboard are colorful, expressive and inspired by a desire for safety, affection, and identity connection.

Madelline Vicencio “Payaso”
Madelline Vicencio “Rooftop Morning”

Maria Haag’s drawing “The Death Bed” is influenced by the fragility of things and persons, illustrated with sweeping lines and crusted layers of paper, charcoal, paint and collage.

Maria Haag “The Death Bed”

We hope to meet you at the opening Sept 25, during our gallery hours on Saturdays from 1-5, or Contact us to make an appointment to view the show at another time.