Outdoor Projects

b-space is excited to present a series of outdoor projects engaging our front yard along New Braunfel’s South Walnut Ave neighborhood special mixed use zoning district. Open for Drive-By viewing 24/7.

Now on View: September 2022 – March 2023

Sentinel (Sway)

Brent Fogt

b-space ART HOUSE presents an outdoor sculptural installation entitled Sentinel (Sway) by artist Brent Fogt. The installation is inspired by the architecture and landscape of b-space itself — in particular, the windows, trees, and vertical columns on the front porch — and by the historic practice of including gargoyles and other sculpture in Gothic cathedrals not only to adorn them but to protect and guard them. Fogt’s sculptures, welded together from small scraps of metal, are armor-like and built for the elements. They are nonetheless organic in form and seem to be reaching into the sky like the trees along S. Walnut Ave.

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